❌Are you too busy to read books?

❌Couldn’t commit to long training sessions?

❌Having a hard time digging for educational content by your favorite influencers on social media?

❌Couldn’t rely on HASHTAGS to search and filter a topic?

❌Getting bored of a bunch of full text like infographics and blog posts?

So, we created Booklets.app for busy people to learn more!

πŸ’―Largest and best-curated collection of bite-sized educational content (a.k.a booklets)

πŸ“šExtensive content library from a wide range of categories from design, marketing, photography programming, and more!

πŸ“Manually categorized social media posts by topic for an easy search

πŸ”ŽFilterable and searchable text on photos from a post

πŸ“–New booklets added every day for your hungry brain 🧠!

πŸ“²Mobile-first approach design. A mobile user-friendly way to learn new things on-the-go!

πŸ‘ŒBooklets.app is FREE!

πŸ› οΈGet the tool. ✨Get inspired. πŸ’‘Learn new things. #Goal πŸ†!

Information for Nerds

Fullstack HQbuilt the site using the following technologies:

Gatsbyfor the frontend site. Gatsby is an open source, modern website framework that builds performance into every site by leveraging the latest Web technologies such as React and GraphQL

PrismicHeadless CMS for content repository.

Algoliato quickly create relevant, scalable, and lightning fast search experience.

Gatsby Cloudfor continuous deployment and incremental builds.

Netlifyto host our JAMstack booklets.app website #serverless

We hope by Booklets.app, we can make the world a little more curious and excited by learning new skills. We would be glad to see people use it to become the best, smartest versions of themselves.